Kashmera Shah agrees to be a ‘character witness’ for Karan Mehra against Nisha Rawal

Kashmera Shah agrees to be a 'character witness' for Karan Mehra against Nisha Rawal

First of all, we are talking about Kashmera Shah agreeing to be a ‘character witness’ for Karan Mehra against Nisha Rawal. Kashmera Shah in the Karan Mehra for the thanked agree to be the character witness for the said by the forever indebted and grateful.

Kashmera shah agreed to be a character witness on Karan Mehra’s behalf in the cash by Nisha Rawal. Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal in the divorce case in ugly entangled and Nisha Rawal was accused of domestic violence and also consulting intimidation. She reveals therapists consulting for son by the Kavish and the after with split with the Karan Mehra.

Karan Mehra is the words to express that have my gratitude and standing family up for me and my family, forever grateful and indebted to Karan Mehra for sharing a Kashmera interview, YouTube Clip, and Instagram on his stories. Kashmera claimed that Nisha Rawal finds loopholes in many in the story and her support put out. Nisha Rawal said does not believe Karan Mehra could not hit anyone and even claimed he wouldn’t hit a mosquito even them.

She said, I am not wrong but Karan Mehra person by the violence. Because Karan before sometimes call me days ago.And comfortable being to be a character in his witness case. And said yes, In my heart believe is the innocent. Before this month, Karan said a press conference accused Nisha Rawal of having an extramarital affair, and claimed the man-her alleged ‘rakhi brother’ and ‘Rohit Sathia, for smoking and drinking in front of a four-year-old.

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