Mandeep Kaur Cause of Death By The Suicide

Mandeep Kaur

First, We are talking about Mandeep Kaur’s Cause of Death suicide. She was a 30-year-old woman. She was By setting to try to commit suicide by herself on the fire. After that, the family’s brother, mother, and aunt were booked for the abutment. If identified as the accused of the Amarjeet Kaur, the victim’s mother, brother for the Lakhbir Kaur, and aunt father as a sister for the Daljit Kaur. She was a married woman. She was guru Nanak Pura was the today ended her life. She was allegedly humiliated by the paramour. She was very humiliated by the person.

Woman of the Mandeep Kumar a Guru Nanak Pura of the Islamabad area. It was a deceased identified of the palak. He was a deceased Kin of the alleged their on the identified as the Sourav first for the lured and later was a broken up the relationship of the ran away. Palak got upset on there ended her life. She was hanging out on the fan by herself, she gets suicide.

The deceased Ashwani Kumar was said to complain to the police that his daughter she was gotten married 12 years before to Mandeep an AC (air conditioner) mechanic. She was happiness were living. And were had two Daughters. The people in society tried to stop Sourav, but he then started humiliating his daughter, And she stepped following and took extreme steps.

Alleged victim s ‘ the father a few months ago. Sourav was dropping the children to school, and he was met. Sourav was worked by a scooter mechanic. He was following for the allegedly by her. Ashwani alleges Sourav had trapped their daughter in the love trap.

Mandeep stopped trying to stop palak from this illicit relationship, for the clashes started between them. Filed for this against Sourav regard by the police complaint also filed in this regard.

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