After a fan broke into his house, Why Don’t We’s Daniel Seavey says he is safe but scared.

After a fan broke into his house, Why Don't We's Daniel Seavey says he is safe but scared

Fan who broke into Daniel Seavey’s house while he was away has the actor worried for his safety. The Why Don’t We band member addressed the event on Monday, August 1st, indicating that he is secure for the time being but would be leaving his current residence, where he has a studio, in order to increase his safety.

Statement released by Daniel Seavey:

Daniel Seavey has made a public statement reading, “I am scared for my safety and will be transferring houses immediately.” In addition, I want to file criminal accusations,” he wrote on Twitter. I’m not in L.A. right now, so I’m safe, but I’m worried that a restraining order won’t be enough to keep an angry man away from my loved ones. After TMZ broadcast footage of the intruder ringing Seavey’s doorbell with roses in her hand, Seavey published a statement. She allegedly knocked on the door and when no one replied, she walked away before returning through a window and entering the building. Doorbell video also shows cops cuffing a fan wearing a “Free Larry Hoover” concert hoodie from Seavey’s concert.

The fan can be seen rummaging through the Seaveys’ kitchen cabinets in another video shot from inside the house while listening to Adele’s “Can I Get It.” Jeffery Seavey, Seavey’s father, took to Twitter to seek for prayers for his daughter, writing that it had been a “long weekend” for the family.

About the fan broke into Daniel’s house:

After her arrest, the girl spent three days in a psychiatric detention. According to a tweet by Jeffery Seavey, “the doctor told us that she will probably do it again and advised pressing charges.” We’ve taken legal action by filing a restraining order and plan to pursue criminal charges. The announcement of an indefinite break for Why Don’t We last month coincides with the news of the invasion, which comes as Seavey explores a solo career. The original “Bleed on Me” and a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” were both released during the past two weeks.

Why Don’t We’s split from their management business, Signature Entertainment, followed a protracted legal dispute between the two parties. We only hope to continue to develop amazing music and play for you wonderful fans. Why Don’t We cancelled their tour last month and announced their breakup on Instagram. “The five of us appreciate, more than words can express, your unwavering support. “We adore you!” Why don’t we try to get out of our Signature contract by scheduling a hearing with the California Labor Commission? David Loeffler, the band’s former manager, was accused of “mental, emotional, and financial abuse” by the band in September of 2016.

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