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Who You’ll Work With
You will be based in our Bengaluru office as a member of our Visual Graphics & Media team which is part of a global support services function.
This team provides support in creating, designing and formatting electronic presentations for McKinsey consultants worldwide. These presentations play an essential role in McKinsey consultants’ communication with our clients. The majority of presentations are created in a customized version of PowerPoint.
McKinsey’s Business Presentation Design Services is a service line part of McKinsey Global Services India Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of McKinsey & Company in India, and has offices in Bengaluru, Chennai and Trivandrum with more than 1,400 colleagues, working in various teams on a 24×7 basis, supporting more than 20,000 firm members across the globe.
What You’ll Do
You will help consultants in transforming their data and ideas into clear, compelling, highly accurate and visually attractive business presentations.
On a daily basis, you will determine which charts are most appropriate for specific data stories, which framework to use to create effective slides and how to make information engaging, informative and compelling. You will encounter cross-cultural communication challenges and with specific training on this topic and the opportunity to work closely with colleagues from different locations, you will learn how to overcome this challenge while interacting with colleagues over the phone and also in tailoring written communication. Another typical challenge in the role is understanding the instructions from the consultants as sometimes they can be very complex and potentially incomplete at times. In such cases, you’ll break requests down into simple parts that can be easily executed.
You’ll have the opportunity to learn something new every day. Every presentation you work on is different both in content and form. You will be exposed to business content from every practice (e.g., healthcare, pharma, retail, etc.), function (e.g., operations, finance, marketing, etc.) and industry (e.g., automobile, IT, banking, etc.), all of them with different guidelines, from creating interesting information flow charts and optimizing visuals/frameworks to convey the message, to complex data analysis charts and communication ideation. These presentations will be for different audiences and for different purposes which also gives you an understanding of the business context and how our consultants work.
The only constant thing or aspect in your role is the race against time. You will work with very tight deadlines from 3 hours to an hour or even less. You will manage all assignments with the support of your team. You’ll receive in-depth training in MS Office, tips & tricks and numerous shortcuts which will help you work faster in order to meet deadlines.
University degree
1+ years of experience in voice/non-voice based BPO (business process outsourcing) roles such as market researchers/search engine optimizers, quality analyst/quality controllers, transcription (medical/legal/business), process executives (data), document specialist (e-Publishing) or executive/team assistants and secretaries
Ability to prioritize, schedule and meet deadlines
Superior typing skills (minimum of 30 WPM; 95% accuracy)
Ability to communicate fluently in an all-English business environment with a firm grasp of spelling and grammar
Flexibility to work in shifts, weekends and on public holidays

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